Apr 6, 2013

23 Beauty Tips and Tricks for a More Beautiful You

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Hair Care Tips
  • Brush your hair from roots to tips every night. It disperses natural oils throughout your hair to give it some healthy shine. 
  • When rinsing out your conditioner… finish it off with some nice cold water to seal the cuticle and give your hair a shine boost
  • Similar to above; when blow drying, always finish with cold air to seal the cuticle. This also promotes shine and helps reduce post blow-dry frizz.
  • Only use a wide tooth comb when your hair is dry to reduce Frizz.  
  • Can't stand your roots showing between touch ups? Zig-Zagging your part will help hide them. 
  • For a gorgeous, beachy wave hairstyle; sleep with your hair (almost dry) in a ballerina twist bun. (this works better for long hairstyles)
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Skin Care and Beauty Tips
  • The back of your hand and inside of your wrist are much lighter than your face. Whenever you can, test skin makeup on your face or neck…. if this isn't possible, purchase a shade darker than your hand
  • When washing your face or applying product with your hands, ALWAYS do so in an upward motion! You always want to avoid pulling skin in directions that increase sagging….. powder should be the one thing you apply downwards to smooth down baby hairs. 
  • For very dry skin, put your lotion in a safe container and microwave it for 5 seconds before applying.
  • Check skin dryness by scratching a small area on your body with your nail. If the skin turns white: exfoliate and moisturize! 

Beauty tips for eyes
  • Carefuly apply mascara to the back of your eyelashes before the front to visibly boost lash volume. 
  • To stop your eyeliner pencil from smudging, by applying a similar or darker shade of powder eyeshadow on top of it. 
  • For intense lash curl, use a hair dryer to heat up your eyelash curler before using it.
  • When applying eyeliner, try to pull your skin as little as possible. Tugging on the skin around your eyes increases wrinkles and sagging

Lip Care and Beauty Tips
  • Before bed, use a wet washcloth to rub off any dry skin and then apply something moisturizing (lim balm, chapstick, lip butter … whatever). You can also use a lip scrub instead of a washcloth. 
  • Apply lipstick/lipgloss while smiling to make sure you don't miss any spots. Don't Forget The Corners!
  • Pat a small amount of concealer around your lips to prevent lipstick from smudging. 
  • Running out of your favorite lipgloss? get the most for your money and place the tube upright in warm water. Any gloss you couldn't get to will run down to the bottom of the container. 
  • Apply clear gloss to the middle of your lower lip for an instant plumping effect. 

  • If you put too much perfume on, dab some rubbing alcohol on the area. This will tone down the smell without adding a smell of its own. 
  • Always be sure to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer and keep your skin looking young. This is especially important between 10am and 2pm, as this is when the sun is the most dangerous. 
  • When using product that don't come in tube or pump bottle, use a clean cutup, instead of your fingers, to get the product out of the container. This prevents the bacteria on your fingers from getting in, and keeps your products fresh
  • Take care of yourself: so much of your external appearance is a result of how you treat your body, not what products you use.