Apr 3, 2013

Victoria's Secret PINK MLB Collection

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I'm not the biggest sports follower. I can't sit through 5 minutes of a football game, the only reason I know march madness involves college basketball is because of my brothers, and I couldn't name a soccer team if my life depended on it. For most of the year, I am the biggest airhead when it comes to sports, BUT from the beginning of April until the end of October, everything changes. 

I've loved baseball for as longer than I can remember, literally. I have numerous photos of myself as a newborn sitting happily on me dad's lap at Giants games wearing my infant-sized baseball cap. 

Sure, when I was 10 months old, it was easy to find me clothes to support my favorite team, but as I got older, I got picker. Don't get me wrong, I love baseball, but I also love looking good, and I can't bring myself to spend money on clothes I don't feel good in. 

Up until a few years ago, I found it almost impossible to find affordable, cute MLB gear that fits right and actually goes with my wardrobe. So at every game I went to, I would wear my 10-year-old Giants hat because I didn't want to buy anything else. But then I discovered the VS PINK Major League Baseball Collection!

Victoria's Secret comes out with a new, limited edition, MLB collection (They also do an NFL collection for you football fans) every year filled with trendy, and relatively affordable apparel adorned with the logos of every major league team. 

I am in LOOOOVE with this year's collection. Sequined hats and shirts, fringe tops, even bandeaus!! Now my only issue is not spending all my money buying every item they have. Check out the collection for yourself, and comment with your favorite baseball team!!